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BOOST by Regen Health contains safe and effective ingredients that includes multiple vitamins, minerals, and a strategic blend of natural extracts from aphrodisiacs plants.


    Boosts libido and strengthens sexual stamina, promoting optimal energy, regulating blood flow and hormone levels by acting as a natural and effective aphrodisiac.


    Improves blood flow, lubrication, and sexual response, all the while restoring and balancing hormone levels, lifting daily mood, and supporting healthy sexual function.


    Revives sexual function by acting as an arousal aid for intimate sessions, enhancing bedroom performance, and reigniting the fire and passion in a dulling romance.

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What to Expect


You’ll start to feel the effect kicks in in just 20 minutes. You'll feel your mood improve. You'll start to feel an intense sexual feeling down under


You'll enjoy having more sex now and improves sexual confidence. You'll be able to maintain arousal during sexual activity. You'll be full of energy, inspired, and feeling positive.


You'll enjoy more sex that feels as good as you were in your 20s. You'll no longer struggle in achieving orgasm. You'll be more motivated and in high spirit.


You're becoming more happy as your sex life is satisfying. Your sex life is amazing as you reach multiple orgasm during an intercourse. You're more positive, better mood, without all the ups and down.

Unique Boost Main Ingredients

Ginger Extract

Positive effect in testosterone levels and sexual function (increasing blood flow especially to the sex orgasm); anti-nausea and anti-inflamatory qualities


"Horny goat weed" relieves PMS- and menopause-related symptoms, restores sexual fire, increases intimate sensa- tion, and allays fatigue.

Dong Quai

Dong Quai is a tonic that reduces inflammation, stimulates the immune system, supports healthy menstrual cycles, addresses PMS mood swings, and regulates hormone levels.

Ginkgo Biloba

Aids in brain function and blood circulation, stimulates low libido, and reduces anxiety, depression, PMS, and headaches.


Recognized aphrodisiac since ancient times, relieves anxiety, simulates digestion, and enhances mood.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you’ll see some, but not all, of these ingredients in competitors’ brands — because they work! But only BOOST has this exact, proprietary blend of medicinal herbs formulated to complement an integrative approach to female sexuality recovery strategies.

When lack of interest in sex detracts significantly from your — or your partner’s — overall happiness and quality of life, it’s appropriate to seek remedial strategies. An all-plant-based female enhancement supplement is a sensible component to consider in consultation with your doctor or therapist.

All the ingredients are considered safe with long track records of popular use. But every person responds differently even to all-natural substances. Check with your primary care physician if you are currently on any long-term medication. You can test your tolerance by trying a dose and waiting to observe the effects on you over the course of the day.

BOOST, as with other supplements, can work subtly as well as take time to produce the desired effects in some bodies. It doesn’t mean it’s not working. While it works fast for some women (days to weeks), others find it takes weeks to months to reach the desired outcomes. As long as you are tolerating it well, give it some time to work for you. Since the ingredients confer overall health benefits, even if changes are slower to come you will not be harming your health.