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New Year New You

Take back your health! We've got sustainable solutions for everything life throws at you.

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New Year New You

Take back your health! We've got sustainable solutions for everything life throws at you.

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"“I don’t know how or when it happened, but suddenly I found myself not that into sex. And I used to be a real monster! You know, life’s usual stresses. Plus I’d gained weight. But, when Paolo told me he was starting to consider temptations outside our marriage, I knew I had to do something. It made me weep to think I had to fix life and lose weight and get more rest, and, and, and. I needed a little . . . well, boost! After a short time of taking BOOST as directed (I’m pretty disciplined about that), my husband cautiously approached me, and it’s like my body had woken up from a deep sleep. I actually felt a little something-something! Then it seemed to build on itself until we were almost back to normal. I’m alive again! It’s like I became sexually re-born. I’ve even been inspired to lose a few pounds!"


"When my BFF told me she was taking a female enhancement supplement to help with her crapped out sex drive, I was surprised a) that other people also had this problem and b) that there was something you could take to help with it! I went ahead and just ordered BOOST online since it was working so well for her. Without even telling my partner, I started taking it. Boy, was he ever surprised when I initiated sex, got so wet, and then came so hard I literally screamed. Afterward, he asked what had changed. Instead of telling him, I showed him — again! Just the kickstarter I needed to get back on the horse! Yay BOOST!"


"After my surgery I became pretty depressed and low energy. Also, it was discouraging to be on all these stupid medications. I knew they were partly at fault for my interest in sex falling almost completely off the radar. My husband’s the kind of guy who depends on his sexy time. I used to be, too. I just didn’t know what to do about it. I felt really hopeless. The last thing I wanted was another medication, so I looked into natural remedies for low sex drive and found out about female enhancement supplements. After doing my usual research nerd thing on the ingredients and their effects, I chose BOOST for the best selection of fascinating plant products. I am slowly but surely coming out of the fog, feeling better and better. I’m almost feeling sexy again!"