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  • Tightens And Clenches The Vagina Almost Instantly
  • Supports Natural Vaginal Lubrication
  • Contracts And Reshapes Vaginal Walls
  • Increases Vaginal Elasticity And Suppleness
  • Enhances Sexual Experience For All Parties

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Regen Health Awaken is formulated with natural, safe, and effective ingredients. Through clinical tests, the ingredients used in Awaken can help improve vaginal dryness by keeping it lubricated. It also helps tighten the vaginal wall for better sexual experience.


    Restores vaginal tightness in a matter of minutes by effectively reshaping the vaginal walls for a much firmer grip and instantly tighter entrance.


    Relieves dryness by promoting natural lubrication, while also eliminating odor and unwanted sensitivity, for added comfort and shared sexual pleasure.


    Clenches vaginal muscles to increase elasticity, resilience, and suppleness, dispelling the feeling of looseness caused by various factors.

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When Does Awaken Work?


You'll start to feel more comfortable down there. You'll notice the itchiness and dryness reduced. You'll start to feel your desire for sex improves. You'll notice your mood improves since you found relief.


You'll feel life is starting to be 'normal' again without the pain down there. You'll enjoy having more sex now and your sexual confidence improves. You'll sleep better at night without having worry about the 'soreness'. You'll be full of energy, inspired, and feeling positive


You'll no longer have to feel embarrassed about vaginal dryness. You'll enjoy more sex that feels as good as you were in your 20s. You'll be more motivated and in high spirit. You'll feel more confident about yourself


You'll finally say goodbye to vaginal dryness. You'll notice an improvement in all areas of your life especially your relationship. You're becoming more happy as your sex life is satisfying. You're more positive, better mood, without all the ups and down.

Unique Awaken Ingredient Matrix


Acts as an effective lubricant and mild moisturizer that smoothes skin and vaginal walls while maintaining a light, non-sticky feeling.


Tightens and firms the vaginal walls while overcoming dryness; traditionally used to treat conditions including discharge, prolapse, laxity, and yeast infections.


A gelling agent that maintains the protective acidity of the vagina, and is used as contraception that also fights sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).


Natural source of electrolytes, balances bodily fluids, improves nerve impulses, and encourages proper muscle contractions, combating muscle cramps.


Balances pH levels of the vagina and acts as a cleansing base; thickens and adds body to the formula and helps creams last longer.


Maintains the pH levels of the vagina and prevents too much alkalinity from semen, while keeping bacterial and fungal infections away.


Useful in treating vaginal fungal conditions such as yeast infections and thrush, and prevents yeast from further reproducing.


Frequently Asked Questions

Awaken is intended for women to enhance their sexual experience by tightening back their intimate part. At the same time, helps promote natural lubrication for a better sexual experience.

Awaken is a potent solution that will work as soon as you apply it. In just within hours, you will feel comfortable down there.

Awaken and other products by Regen Health are totally safe. It is formulated with all-natural and FDA approved ingredients, created in a GMP certified facility in the USA. CAUTION: Pregnant or nursing mothers, children under the age of 18, and individuals with a known medical condition should consult a physician before using this or any dietary supplement.

Apply Awaken on the tip of your finger. Insert and massage thoroughly into vaginal walls twice per day.

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