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There’s nothing better than a good night’s sleep. But there are just some things that prevent us from getting that much-needed sweet slumber. Insomniacs, you know exactly what I’m talking about. You lie in bed tossing and turning, over-thinking, or map out scenarios in your head – do everything except sleep. Then, the next morning, you wake up feeling irritable and even more exhausted than the night before.

NIGHT by Regen Health is specially formulated to aid in calming and relaxing both your mind and body, easing you into dream state much faster. It aids in treating insomnia, general anxiety and restlessness, improving sleep quality, and ensuring you wake up feeling refreshed and restored. With NIGHT, you’ll be sleeping like a baby, and ready to face a new day with newfound energy and confidence.

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An amino acid that increases serotonin, and regulates sleep and mood chemicals that affect sleep and mood balance.


Supports healthy sleep by lowering stress hormones, reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression.


Used to treat restlessness and sleep problems such as insomnia by helping ease stress and anxiety.


Involved in the production of melatonin; has a calming effect that regulates sleep, reduces anxiety and promotes sleep.


A powerful antioxidant that works together with your body’s circadian rhythm, and improves the quality of sleep.


Promotes better sleep, helps reverse fatigue and low energy levels, especially to those suffering from depression.


Improves quality of sleep by lowering anxiety and promoting relaxation, as well as helping you fall asleep faster.


Reduces symptoms of depression and anxiety, promotes calmness, and improves mood and quality of sleep.


Commonly regarded as a mild tranquilizer or sleep inducer, and is a natural remedy to treating insomnia, decreasing anxiety and initiating sleep in the process.


Relieves anxiety and nervous tension, and offers great benefit in treating insomnia and other sleep disorders.


Balances serotonin levels and the GABA receptors, treating insomnia, helping you feel calmer, even giving you a gentle boost of mental energy.


Helps regulate mood and treat anxiety, insomnia, and certain forms of pain by increasing levels of GABA.


Helps improve sleep, promote relaxation, and reduces anxiety, as well as improve sleep, mood, and ability to deal with stress.


Improves sleep in insomniacs; used to treat sleep problems, as well as anxiety, irritability, excitability, and restlessness.

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All products distributed and manufactured by Regen Health is made from 100% all-natural ingredients. Regen Health absolutely does not use filler ingredients and other harmful chemicals or additives in their products. This promise ensures each product’s purity, and safety for use and consumption.


All products distributed and manufactured by Regen Health is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This means all products found on their official website have passed the three-tier screening and evaluation process, and have been examined, tested, and approved for medical use.


All products distributed and manufactured by Regen Health is GMP-certified, meaning it complies to international Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) standards, covering all aspects of production. Regen Health ensures that all products found on their website are consistently produced to the highest quality.

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All products distributed and manufactured by Regen Health are verified to be 100% proudly made in the USA, and, as such, each and every product meticulously follows standard regulations to protect the health of the environment as well as the general well-being of the consumers.


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NIGHT by Regen Health is formulated with only premium-quality, all-natural ingredients, including naturally-sourced botanicals, that help you get to sleep, stay asleep, and wake up feeling rested, restored and refreshed. Certain herbal ingredients effectively balance serotonin levels in the brain, easing you to relax much easier, and thus falling asleep much faster and without difficulty. This is especially helpful to those suffering from anxiety-induced chronic sleep disorders such as insomnia.

NIGHT is a gentle and safe sleep supplement that encourages a reasonable sleep schedule by supporting your body’s natural sleep cycle, promoting a restful night’s sleep, with no side effects. NIGHT not only helps in treating sleep problems, it also addresses symptoms of anxiety and depression, promoting calmness and relaxation to prevent over-thinking and stress while preparing to sleep.

NIGHT is rich in antioxidants and in essential amino acids that improve mental health and overall well-being. The antioxidants work together to fix your body’s circadian rhythm, helping you regulate your body’s internal body clock. Meanwhile, the amino acids increase serotonin levels, as well as balance the sleep and mood chemicals in your brain, ensuring a sound and peaceful slumber.

NIGHT acts as a natural sleep aid for insomniacs and those suffering from chronic sleep disorders, combating fatigue while keeping you well-rested throughout the night. With NIGHT, you can finally move past those sleepless nights, and wake up energized and feeling like a much better version of yourself in no time.

Step 1 - IMPROVE

Helps treat chronic sleep disorders, including anxiety, restlessness, irritability, and improving the quality of sleep in insomniacs.

Step 2 - RELIEVE

Relieves anxiety and nervous tension, promoting calmness and relaxation, easing you to fall asleep much faster in the process.


Balances serotonin levels and GABA receptors in the brain, regulating mood, and giving you a restful and peaceful night’s sleep.

Step 4 - SUPPORT

Supports the body’s natural sleep cycle by lowering stress hormones, as well as reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression.

What Our Clients Say


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“I’ve been an insomniac for years and thought I would have to suffer from insomnia for the rest of my life. I purchased NIGHT by Regen Health as a desperate attempt to change that, and, to my surprise, it actually worked! I sleep much easier now.”

- Lisa Brown

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“I couldn’t remember the last time I slept peacefully. I toss and turn in bed, and it wakes my husband up. He bought me NIGHT by Regen Health, and both of us didn’t really expect much, but we were pleasantly surprised to discover how effective it is. This product is no joke. I can now enjoy a restful night’s sleep and wake up feeling refreshed.”

- Lisa Brown

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“I’m an insomniac. It takes forever for me to fall asleep, if I even manage to. I wake up feeling even more exhausted and not well-rested at all. It impacts my everyday life. I’m irritable and snap at people over the smallest thing. I bought NIGHT by Regen Health to try, and people have definitely noticed a difference. They’ve been commenting on my improved mood, and I can feel the change too.”

- Lisa Brown

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- Lisa Brown

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- Lisa Brown

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- Lisa Brown


Yes, you’ll see some, but not all, of these ingredients in competitors’ brands — because they work! But only BOOST has this exact, proprietary blend of medicinal herbs formulated to complement an integrative approach to female sexuality recovery strategies.

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