6 Ways to Have Laser-Like Focus on Any Project at Work or Play

6 Ways to Have Laser-Like Focus on Any Project at Work or Play

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Do you ever get distracted and forget important tasks throughout the day? This often happens because we are constantly bombarded with emails, phone calls, messages, or notifications from other apps.

If you have ever tried working through your days without being able to concentrate for very long, you might have experienced “brain fog”—a term used to describe unfocused thought processes and mental fogginess.

Brain fog has been linked to a number of different factors, including age, sleep, caffeine, diet, stress, and hormones.

Some sources claim that up to 90% of us experience brain fog at least once a month! But you don’t have to live with brain fog forever. With just a few simple strategies and habits, you can learn to tackle any task with laser-like focus!

Everyone struggles from time to time with their attention span. If you’re constantly thinking about other things, chances are you aren’t concentrating on what you really want to accomplish. Your ability to stay focused plays a huge role in determining whether or not you succeed in anything you attempt. And yet, our lives are filled with distractions – especially during the day. According to Dr. Kelly McGonigal, science shows that focusing on one thing for even 20 minutes can boost productivity by over 50%.

There are numerous ways to get laser-focused on a particular goal. One way is to block out distracting thoughts entirely. Another method involves using a technique known as “mindfulness meditation.” This helps you gain awareness of your surroundings without being overwhelmed by them. Here are three powerful tools that you can start using today to develop better focus.

Here are the 6 best ways to have a laser-like focus on any project at work or play

1) Get out of bed earlier. Start working on your morning tasks early in order to stay focused during the day.

2) Make a commitment to exercise every other day. This habit helps you wake up refreshed and ready for the new day ahead.

3) Turn off your phone. Research shows that constant access to emails, texts, social media notifications and calls decreases our ability to concentrate. Simply turning off your phone will help you pay attention more effectively.

4) Eat breakfast. Brain fog is caused by low blood sugar levels which often occur after waking up late and skipping breakfast. Eating a healthy breakfast will give you energy throughout the entire day and keep you focused on work and play.

5) Avoid coffee. Coffee has the potential to cause anxiety, dehydration, insomnia, and even heart problems. In fact, drinking two or three cups of coffee per day can lead to high blood pressure. Instead, choose tea or water when you want an energizing boost.

6) Do something nice for yourself first thing in the morning. Studies show that it's difficult to be productive if you start your day feeling stressed.

As a bonus to the above, we also recommend getting proper supplementation for brain fog, using Brain, Regen Health's flagship supplement. Brain harnesses the power of natural extracts to give you laser-like focus, supercharged productivity, clears away brain fog, and helps improve memory… without the crash you get from caffeine.

With Brain you will you’ll feel calmer in just 20 minutes after taking as well as more relaxed. More present. Alert and ready to focus on whatever the day brings.

After 30 days you may be waking up feeling less groggy, with more energy and positivity. That grey cloud that’s been hanging over your head has gone and you throw yourself into life with more focus, determination and purpose.

If you experience brain fog, a need to focus in order to work or play, as well as less energetic, try Brain today. Backed with our unconditional 30-day return guarantee, you have nothing to lose.

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